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In which case you probably also know others, like yours truly, who never win a dime. Certainly, we are not all equal in the eyes of Fortuna. Which begs the question: Is the distribution of luck random, or is there some hidden current that favors one person over another? Science still struggles with the question of to what extent our reality, from the subatomic to the astronomical level, is controlled by randomness.

For me, as a numerologist, the answer is clear and simple: randomness does not exist on any level, and could not possibly exist. That which we call "random" is simply an organized series of events that is too complex to be recognized for what it is. I know this because I know numbers. And just as it is impossible to create a number -- no matter how large -- that can not be divided by one, it is likewise impossible to observe an event or action that is not essentially organized.

Therefore, the answer to our question of whether luck is arbitrarily distributed must be no. There has to be some complex but structured pattern behind the seemingly random allocation of luck.

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However, understanding that pattern will probably always be impossible. What may not be beyond our reach is discovering some element within that pattern that appears to influence or manipulate its path. An example of a complex pattern -- so complex that it is considered wholly random -- is the distribution of fifty million lottery tickets from thousands of locations all over the country, followed by a random drawing to select a winner. Unless some insider concocts a way to cheat the selection process, no one will be able to predict or influence this pattern.

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